Scrum Reboot: Break Free from the Patterns

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Agile and Scrum are well known for product development, specifically in the software industry. However, there is often a gap between theory and practice. The Scrum routines: the Sprint Planning, the Daily Scrum, The Sprint Review and the Sprint Retrospective, often facilitated in a patterned manner and hence their value is often not achieved. The team members find it boring and a waste of time while the Scrum Master find in them a way to control everything that is going on. In this workshop we will learn the true purpose of all these Scrum routines and how to facilitate them in a way that will bring the most value with minimum effort. In addition, we will talk about the importance of creativity to keep up the engagement and energy during the meetings.
Intended audience
Scrum Masters, Managers, PMOs and Agile coaches


What is Scrum?
Why do we need the Sprint?
The Scrum meetings as an opportunity for inspection and adaptation.
Daily Scrum – The best tool to achieve quality results.
Sprint Retrospective – From gripping to creating.
Sprint planning – How to define a user story well? How to craft the Sprint Goal? How to agree on the Definition of Done?
Sprint Review – Why Demo is not enough?
Discuss common day-to-day dilemmas with Agile creative thinking.

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