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kuber - Version:1
Everyone talks about Kubernetes lately, and they should. Kubernetes is now the market leader in container orchestration platforms, and has been adopted by all major cloud providers as a fully managed offering (GCP, AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud), Kubernetes is being adopted in a growing rate for multiple use cases - as micro-services workloads, Big Data, and Machine Learning.
Intended audience
Senior developers, DevOps engineers and Cloud Architects, with good familiarity with Docker and Cloud concepts.
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  • Setting the grounds

  • Introduction to Kubernetes

  • Kubernetes Architecture

  • CLI Tool - Kubectl

  • Kubernetes Building Blocks

  • Managing configuration

  • Storage

  • Services and Ingress

  • Stateful applications

  • Kubernetes Dashboard

  • Application Life-cycle

  • Auto-Scaling

  • Helm Package Manager
  • Scheduling

  • CI/CD with Kubernetes - Optional - if time permits

  • Micro-services & Istio - Optional - if time permits

  • Installation and Deployment - Optional - If time permits

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Upcoming Dates
08/07/2019 - Morning
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