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Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure

CPO100 - Version:1
This one-day instructor-led class provides an overview of Google Cloud Platform products and services. Through a combination of presentations, demos, and hands-on labs, participants learn the value of Google Cloud Platform and how to incorporate cloud-based solutions into business strategies.
Intended audience
Individuals planning to deploy applications and create application environments on Google Cloud Platform. Developers, systems operations professionals, and solution architects getting started with Google Cloud Platform. Executives and business decision makers evaluating the potential of Google Cloud Platform to address their business needs.
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  • Module 1: Introducing Google Cloud Platform

  • Module 2: Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform

  • Module 3: Virtual Machines and Networks in the Cloud

  • Module 4: Storage in the Cloud

  • Module 5: Containers in the Cloud

  • Module 6: Applications in the Cloud

  • Module 7: Developing, Deploying, and Monitoring in the Cloud

  • Module 8: Big Data and Machine Learning in the Cloud

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